LDAP auto-completion tweaks ...

Ryan Rittenhouse ryanmr at goshen.edu
Wed Dec 13 17:09:42 CET 2006

I've got a bunch of students that opt to use the svn of roundcube (after I make sure there 
are not huge bugs) and was threatened with certain death if I didn't patch it to use LDAP 
auto-completion. Since I've parked it in a pseudo-production environment and it has the 
potential to annoy people, I've added an option on the user settings to enable/disable 
this. I also discovered that it will not auto-complete unless you have at least one entry 
in your address book so I changed that as well. I've included the diff that has the 
original additions as well as my own as a rough and ready patch for anyone wanting to run 

-Ryan Rittenhouse

Network Administrator
Goshen College
(574) 535-7004
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