Ticket 1483949 - Spam messages

Ryan Rittenhouse ryanmr at goshen.edu
Thu Dec 14 19:27:51 CET 2006

Just an idea, feel free to shoot it down ... why not implement user configurable filters
in general, then you can have a rule packaged w/ roundcube to shuttle spam somewhere. That
you way you get user configurable spam control and custom filters in one shot.

just my $0.02


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Tomasz Pajor wrote:
> I personally think, that it would be a good idea to move spam on login to spam folder.
> As it goes for all other things that you mensioned, I agree.
> --
> Best regards
> Tomasz Pajor
> On Thu, 14 Dec 2006 15:30:59 +0000, roundcube-dev at alldesign.de wrote:
>> Hi,
>> first i'm new one here. good project. i decided to work a little bit for.
>> What's your opinion what RoundCube could / should do with Spam. I found a
>> ticket for that and i decided to solve this.
>> The Question is, what does RoundCube should do. I think to move / show
>> SPAM-Flag: yes Messages move to the Junk directly is not the best think
>> and not the job from Roundcube.
>> So i add some things to my feature list.
>> - Color the Messages (brown) in Inbox if the are spam. Over Spamassassin
>> Junk Stars, but other milter are also possible.
>> - Add a button to move it to junk folder.
>> - On Moving to junk folder it possible to run sa-learn with user settings
>> for bayes.
>> - Is also possible to set up this work automaticly (move spam to
>> junkfolder on login), but only with imap.
>> - Set up Spamassassin user Setting via file oder mysql databases (supports
>> also confixx)
>> I try also to programm a filter thats identify also Newsletter or other
>> Messagetypes and color it (grey)
>> Many thanks to guzu, he's on the right way.
>> I'm afraid to here more opinion and wishes for that.
>> Thanks

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