Patch to allow 12 hour date to display for emails sent today.

Doug Mandell dmandell at
Thu Dec 14 19:46:28 CET 2006

>I had the same problem Dough has with the time in emails.  I submited
>the patch I have been using in my server since beta1, and has been put
>in hold for a long time.

What needs to be done to get this patch applied to the trunk?  Anybody
who doesn't operate on military time is definitely going to want this
preference in there.

I'm curious in general about what it takes to get a patch applied to
trunk.  I've submitted two to the dev mailing list (one that allows
tabbing to the Send button when composing a message, the other this 12
hour clock patch) and neither has really been commented upon at all.  If
there's a way to expedite review and acceptance of the patch I'd love
to know, if there's not then I'll continue to do what I'm doing (send
the patch to the dev list, submit it on trac as well).



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