1388203 - Reuse HTTP authentication for login - PATCH

Black.myst black.myst at free.fr
Tue Dec 19 15:26:34 CET 2006


I try to find a issue for bug 1388203 

Diff explanation :
   - config/main.inc.php.dist : Add new configuration boolean 
    False : use the standard login page. (default)
    True : use $_SERVER["PHP_AUTH_USER"] to log user.

   - skins/default/includes/taskbar.html : Add a <roundcube:if> to 
remove logout button when used http_authent

   - program/include/main.inc : Fixe <roundcube:include> to parse 
<roundcube:if> in included file. (Else my <roundcube:if> in taskbar.html 
not work!)

   - index.php : Add code to allow http authent.

   - program/steps/error.inc : Add "Allow cookies" in browser 
requirement page. (I display this page (409) if the user disable cookies 
with http_authent)

Black Myst
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