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Tor Bendiksen tor at tblab.net
Thu Dec 21 13:59:57 CET 2006

On Wed, 20 Dec 2006 22:30:50 +0100, Thomas Bruederli <roundcube at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everybody,

Hi Thomas. 
> Looks like the others are getting closer:
> Gmail like AJAX powered Web 2.0 version of IMP
> http://janschneider.de/news/25/252
> Duroty System (BETA) is the open source Gmail
> http://www.duroty.com/en/index.jsp

Both very promising systems, but they are not RoundCube, nor will they ever be. 

I absolutely love the way RoundCube is simplicity, yet incredibly powerful. 
There has been discussions about trunk vs. checkpoint/beta/rc installs lately - 
I pretty much follow trunk most of the time (with an older, working svn checkout 
as backup), and that works for me as my primary mailclient during the day, 
while in work. 

Kudos to you Thomas, and all the other developers for this. Fantastic stuff.

> The main problem of RoundCube is the project manager's lack of time and
> as a consequence of that the bad project organization, both my faults.
I actually completely disagree with this statement. In my view this is certainly not the main problem. You may not have the time to spend on organising this project properly, but I think what we need even more than that is a leader. We need someone with vision and determination. Planning and organising comes second to that in my opinion.  

If you lack the time to actually do the planning and organisation needed then I suggest you go with a favourite of mine.. Delegation. 

Need to catch up on bugs? Ask someone on the list to have a look. Ask someone to take responsibility for it, and come back to you.
Need to come up with some new code for something? Ask someone to take responsibility for it, and come back to you.
Etc., etc.

My point being that you will still have control, but not have to spend so much time chasing people or doing so much "admin" work. 

This type of work can be left to the rest of us. I am certain that there are loads of people on the list that have both time and willingness to do these things. I am a sysadmin, and not a coder, so I can't really help out with javascript part. Perhaps I can help out with some php stuff at a push, but only when I need to. Therefore I would be much happier to help out with stuff I know. Be that helping out other users, doing documentation, or offering hardware/software/bandwidth or anything else that can help the project in any way. I am sure I am not the only one that is in the same boat here.

> If somebody thinks he or she could afford some time (actually it's a
> full-time job) and who has some experience in project management, I'm
> willing to give away the "power" and become a regular developer (that's
> what I really am).

Thank you for that gracious offer. The fact that you are willing to let 
someone else take over your "baby" just proves to me that you have attitude 
needed for this project to become a massive success. 

> Regards,
> Thomas

Best Regards, and apologies for the rambling.
Tor Bendiksen

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