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Sat Dec 23 19:58:39 CET 2006

 In light of the recent discussions, I've been browsing through the
Trac tickets trying to get a feel for the distribution of bugs
(display, database, IMAP interface, etc.). There appear to be quite a
few tickets that follow the pattern of "RoundCube exhibits incorrect
behavior when displaying an e-mail with ." These special cases range
from message header contents to HTML contents to attachment formats. 

 Instead of trying to fabricate my own e-mail messages that match
these special cases (and possible get it wrong), what does everyone
think about standing up a "test case" e-mail account on an IMAP
server somewhere that people can send these "special case" messages
to? The RC development team could then each access this IMAP server
from their own RC installations to troubleshoot the handling of the
 We'd have to keep the login credentials relatively secure, and
somebody would have to volunteer an IMAP server.  
 What does everyone think?  
 Eric Stadtherr  
 estadtherr at   
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