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Jim Pingle lists at pingle.org
Sat Dec 23 22:41:36 CET 2006

Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> It is also very interesting for me to chat
> with lots of people who are interested in RoundCube and who have
> problems or requests. But it suddenly started to overcharge me and then
> I'm unhappy because I cannot serve all people's wishes and because I'm
> stuck with answering mails and checking new tickets and not having the
> time to code.

One thing it always helps to remember: no matter what you do, you can't
please everybody. That's a good way to induce stress in a hurry!

Seems like the answering mail could be helped out by moving any support
requests, feature requests and the like to a general account somewhere that
multiple people could have a login for. I'm not sure the volume is high
enough to warrant something such as OTRS (http://otrs.org/) but having a few
people who can answer the mail can help. Alternately, you could stop taking
such requests via e-mail, and encourage people to post such things in the
forum or mailing lists where they can be handled by the community at large.

As for the tickets, that can be a chore in itself, but if we had some sort
of "first tier" support that can take the tickets and filter out the
invalid/dupes/whatever, before they get to someone like you, that should
really ease the burden.

As this thread has shown, if you need help with something there are a bunch
of people willing to volunteer!

> And here we are now, 1.5 years after the creation of the sourceforge
> project. As Tor Bendiksen stated correctly, I really believe in the
> success of RoundCube and I'll do my very best to lead the project into a
> bright future. 

Hear, hear!

> Thanks a lot to Jim who tidied up the tickets, this is
> something very important and to be honest, I really lost control over
> the numerous incoming tickets.

Not a problem, I'm happy to help. I'm also sure there are a lot more dupes
and invalid tickets out there I just haven't gotten through them all or I
didn't have a setup to attempt to reproduce the problem. Some new ones may
have slipped by, but there are also a lot of really old tickets out there
that may even have been fixed, but the original person who opened the ticket
is nowhere to be found for an update.

> Until then I'd like to get together a list of
> active contributers who are willing to spend a certain amount of time
> per month on the project. Not only developers but sys admins who can do
> testing and reporting. It's important to assigns certain
> responsibilities to these persons in order to have the tickets assigned
> correctly. I always told the devs to assigns tickets to their users but
> this doesn't work as expected...

Count me in. I can easily spend a few hours a month at least with helping
out monitoring incoming tickets, testing and reporting, and some user
support. On rare occasions I could probably help with coding, depending on
the problem.

> I also promise to write some development/coding guidelines and to put
> together some basic description about the structure and functionality of
> RoundCube. This is certainly necessary for new developers to get started.

Definitely a good idea, it would help out a lot for those willing to spend a
little time on code but who aren't familiar with the codebase (such as me.)

> Finally I'd like to thank you all for your support, your contribution
> and your belief in RoundCube!

You're welcome!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy New Year/etc :)


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