Preview Pane on Safari (& other minor glitches)

Brian Devendorf developer at
Sat Dec 23 22:51:10 CET 2006

I found that I had to tweak the CSS code for the preview pane to  
display properly in Safari. (This is when using the latest svn code:  

Line: 144-151, /skins/default/mail.css

   [height: 40%;
   height: 54%;
   ]height: 100%;

I changed the value on line #148 from 40% to 54%. This adjustment was  
a perfect fit for the preview pane on Safari for me. I am running  
10.4.8. Safari 2.0.4. Has anyone else seen this issue? According to  
the information in trac, the middle value only applies to Safari, so  
I do not expect that it would break anything else.
I do most of my work in Camino, so I just noticed this little glitch  

Other minor issues I am looking into... On Safari, with preview pane,  
the first time I click on an email, the preview pane flickers  
(keeping the empty message logo). After that, everything works fine.

In Camino, with preview pane or standard display, when I click  
Display Images on an email, it works the first time, but fails each  
subsequent time. This is true on an individual message basis. It  
always works the first time on ever message. In fact, it works the  
first time in preview pane, and the first time in standard view.

I hope to do more research into these issues, but thought I'd check  
to see if anyone else had seen them first.


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