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Brennan Stehling brennan at offwhite.net
Sun Dec 24 00:10:07 CET 2006

> Seems like the answering mail could be helped out by moving any support
> requests, feature requests and the like to a general account somewhere
> that
> multiple people could have a login for. I'm not sure the volume is high
> enough to warrant something such as OTRS (http://otrs.org/) but having a
> few
> people who can answer the mail can help. Alternately, you could stop
> taking
> such requests via e-mail, and encourage people to post such things in the
> forum or mailing lists where they can be handled by the community at
> large.

Jim and Thomas,

Encouraging the use of the forums is a good way to go.  Unfortunately people are likely discouraged because you have to create an account to post their bug report or feature request.  (Also the forums are currently offline)

What I would do is this...

1) Requests are sent to support at roundcube.net
2) Incoming messages are automatically posted to the forums as new threads (perhaps in a Developer only section)
3) As testers/developers we can subscribe to email notifications for this forum section (or perhaps get an RSS feed)

Then we can get notifications for the incoming issues and discuss it on the forum.  I like the RSS option because I can subscribe to it with my RSS reader of choice or as a Live Bookmark in FireFox.  I already have more than enough messages in my inbox and would rather use RSS or this sort of communication.

Brennan Stehling
Offwhite.net LLC
brennan at offwhite.net

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