Umlauts / Do we need Swiss German?

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Wed Dec 27 09:54:06 CET 2006

2006/12/25, Michael Bueker <m.bueker at>:
> Hi,
> two questions about the German translation[s]:
> 1. Should the Umlauts in the translation file not rather read ä instead of ä, Ü instead of Ü and so on? As I understand it, those labels get displayed without further processing, so this way, we would steer clear of any encoding issues, at least for the German labels and messages.
> I could post a patch for this if you think this makes sense.

If you look at other localization files, no non-ascii chars are HTML
encoded. This is the target of using UTF-8 to keep all chars in their
raw format. Why should we make an exception for German? And even
though, there's no significant advantage of having umlauts HTML
encoded. Since RoundCube also uses localized strings in Javascript
alerts and plaintext output, HTML encoding would mess up these.
> 2. Do we need a Swiss German translation? The only major significant difference is that there's no ß in Swiss German, but rather ss is used. But I don't think this warrants a separate translation which often lags behind the other German one and contains inconsistencies.
> I suggest that we either agree on a special set of differences (like this one, which is the only one I can think of) and otherwise "link" the Swiss translation to the German one - or we drop it.

I'm Swiss and it's my personal wish to have a Swiss German
translation. Don't worry, I'll maintain these files myself and nobody
else will have any extra work with them. And what are the
"inconsistencies" you're talking about?


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