Gmail-like conversation grouping

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Wed Dec 27 13:31:08 CET 2006

2006/12/27, Pierre Mauduit <pierre.mauduit at>:
> > Hi, I've joined the dev list because I really really want gmail-like
> > conversations in RoundCube.
> > I'd like to know if someone is working on it to join him/them, and if
> > no one is doing it, I'd like to start the developement.
> >
> You probably mean this :
> I think some people is already working on it, since there already are some facilities about message threads into the IMAP class.

This is planned for later releases but is not a primary feature yet.
Also note that threads as "common" mail clients have them are not
exactly the same as the Gmail conversations. If you really want Gmail
styles conversations on your IMAP account, you should have a look at
this project:


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