Umlauts / Do we need Swiss German?

Michael Bueker m.bueker at
Wed Dec 27 20:53:16 CET 2006

> If you look at other localization files, no non-ascii chars are HTML
> encoded. This is the target of using UTF-8 to keep all chars in their
> raw format. Why should we make an exception for German? And even
> though, there's no significant advantage of having umlauts HTML
> encoded. Since RoundCube also uses localized strings in Javascript
> alerts and plaintext output, HTML encoding would mess up these.

Okay then. I wasn't really thinking globally there, but if stuff is handled the UTF-8 way, then we'll hopefully be okay :)

> I'm Swiss and it's my personal wish to have a Swiss German
> translation. Don't worry, I'll maintain these files myself and nobody
> else will have any extra work with them. And what are the
> "inconsistencies" you're talking about?

Roundcube is your baby, so do as you please here :)
I was looking at both tranaltions in and I saw that de_CH is missing 'deletemessagesconfirm' and that some translations are different although they don't really need be IMHO, like 'loading' is "Daten werden geladen..." in de_DE and "Lade..." in de_CH.

Which reminds me of another issue: Language hacks such as "Select message(s)" for both singular and plural forms don't work in most languages. I think having separate labels such as 'deletemessage' and 'deletemessages' is not an elegant solution, but maybe we could make the labels part of a two-element array, selecting element 1 for 1 item and element 2 for more than one item.


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