Gmail-like conversation grouping

Sam Nilsson lists at
Thu Dec 28 08:54:23 CET 2006

Pablo Manuel Rizzo wrote:
> Mik, I know I can take the code and do whatever I want with it, but I
> wouldn't like to waste my time coding a patch with uncertain
> possibilities of becoming part of the trunk, because it could be
> unusable too soon with new releases of roundcube. That's why I offer
> my time if you want to make this an "official" sub project of
> roundcube.

I'm not a roundcube dev or anything, but... It would be great to have 
both options built into roundcube so that a user could choose to either 
view by thread or use a gmail-style view. I think the gmail view feature 
is one that (if done well) could help to encourage many end-users to 
move away from gmail to other providers.

In other words, the gmail style view is a killer feature for some 
people, so if roundcube can offer it as a choice that would be great 
from my point of view. Traditional threading is also a nice choice and 
it would be great if they could both be integrated.

- Sam Nilsson

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