3 new feature ideas.

Pierre Mauduit pierre.mauduit at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 21:55:24 CET 2006


> 3. GnUPG support, I would like to add the ability sign or encrypt
> messages.  A user could paste their private key into a form that then
> saved it on the server in sql.  There is probably a huge security issue
> with saving private keys on a server.  I don't know of a php API, I
> would most likely use exec();
> Please email me any comments, questions or concerns.

I've looked on PEAR php classes and did not find anything about GPG. But there's a Webmail that is implementing this sort of thing :
They're using an exec()-like way to call the gpg binary. The problem is that on a lot of configurations, php exec() call is disabled for security reasons.

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