French translation [Was Re: Tool for translations]

Pierre Mauduit pierre.mauduit at
Thu Dec 7 12:01:10 CET 2006

> For the French translation, I've "corrected" what I believe are small
> errors of style, mainly:
> "SVP" => "Veuillez ..."
> "e-Mail" => "adresse électronique" or "e-mail" (e-Mail is not consistent
> with Pourriel / either Courriel-Pourriel or something else)
> "Pourriel" => "Indésirables" (this is what thunderbird do, for me
> "Pourriel" equals "Spam" not "Junk", subtle difference, but I can be
> wrong - Anyway, "A trier" is plain wrong for me)

Yes I think you're right. 

In fact, I was mostly chocked by "A trier" and I just focused on what was not translated yet. About the words "Courriel / Pourriel / ...",  Do we have to follow the "Académie Francaise" or not ? They are fighting against "englicization" and neologisms in the french language, but sometimes it sounds ridiculous in my own opinion ("partagiciel" which stands for "shareware" for example ...) ;-)

By the way, I prefer the term "Indésirables" for "junk".

> Some uppercase words inside the messages and other small modifications.
> One thing I can not translate correctly is "Bienvenue à $product", for
> me it feels "not good" but I can't find a better one ;-)

Then, why not "$product - bienvenue" or "bienvenue sur $product" ?

> My versions is there:
> Feel free to criticize my small changes :p
about $messages['cookiesdisabled'] = 'Votre navigateur n'accepte pas les cookies', I have just a technical remark : you have to escape the simple quote ("'" => "\'") or it won't be syntaxically correct on PHP.
(same problem with : $labels['editortype'] = 'Type d'éditeur' ant $labels['edititem'] = 'Editer l'élément')

$messages['deletecontactconfirm'] = 'Voulez-vous vraiment effacer les contacts sélectionnés ?';
-> le(s) contact(s) sélectionné(s) (plural problem)

The rest seems great to me


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