About some features / enhancements

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at gmail.com
Wed Dec 13 08:17:17 CET 2006

Pierre Mauduit wrote:
> Hello,

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your input. Most things you mentioned are in planning but not
implemented yet.
> As far as I dive into the RC code, i have been trying to add some
> features to my RC copy, and I'd like to give some remarks about this
> great webmail project.
> - Autocompletion : When I worked on LDAP autocompletion support (around
> 1st of december), I figured out that all contacts were added to a big
> javascript array. Why not making XMLHttpRequests to a page that returns
> the autocompletion, when 4 ou more / less caracters are given ? I think
> it could improve performances in case of users handling thousands of
> contacts into their addressbook. I did'nt look the code toroughly, and
> don't know if it is really possible.

Together with the re-write of the address book which will introduce the
possibility to add several different sources (including LDAP servers)
the autocompletion will be changed to HTTP-Requests as well.
> - Message threads : For my personal javascript culture, I began to code
> something like threaded mails view (ticket #1424907). It's just a begin
> for the moment, see here if you're curious enough :
> http://pedrov.kwain.net/~pedrov/rcube/mail_toggle/toggle.html
> Anyway, I'm not sure that it's RC compliant (I could not use a table
> to show messages), and I'm still a beginner in Javascript language. Does
> anybody here has begun to code anything about this ticket ? (I'd like
> to know if i'm wrong)

Should be possible with tables as well. This feature request has to wait
because there are more important things to fix first. Server side the
the IMAP lib already provides functions for threaded message listing.
> - French translation : Thanks Thomas, for having commited french
> language modifications ! just one remark : we (Aurélien and I) prefer
> to translate "junk" into "indésirables" ;-)

Wasn't me but I now changed the Junk label. "Indésirables" is also what
the Apple Mail application uses for Junk.
> - LDAP support : I read in the list archives, that the public ldap
> search has to be rewritten completely
> (http://lists.roundcube.net/mail-archive/roundcube.dev/2006/09/136/)
> Does anyone has more info about it ? Can I help ?

First to come is an interface (class) that abstracts the address book
access. It's up to me to create this. After that I'm glad to get some
help for the LDAP implementation.
> best regards,

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