LDAP auto-completion (ticket #1483899)

Ryan Rittenhouse ryanmr at goshen.edu
Wed Dec 13 15:17:50 CET 2006

I've just parked this on my svn installation and pointed it at our 5000+ strong ldap 
server and it worked great. My ancient laptop didn't like it too much (no ram) but it's 
working great on everything else. Good work!

-Ryan Rittenhouse

Network Administrator
Goshen College
(574) 535-7004

Pierre Mauduit wrote:
> Hi,
>>        I'm interest in this patch. We have a LDAP base with aprox 5000
>> users.  Can you send me the patch? We intend to use Round cube in our web
>> mail solution. And the LDAP is the feature we need for implement the
>> project
> here's the patch (diff between latest svn and my working copy) :
> http://pedrov.kwain.net/~pedrov/rcube/compose_404.inc.diff
> (thanks to Ken for having tested it, it should work despite my mods on the rcube_ldap class)
> By the way, as I said, all contacts are currently stored into a javascript array, so perhaps 5000+ contacts should be a bit too much ! (not really for the server, but for the client) 
> Please, let us know if it is working

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