Changing the size of the preview pane...

Ryan Rittenhouse ryanmr at
Thu Dec 14 03:36:11 CET 2006

I am an idiot and missing it sitting right in front of me in mail.css. 
Sorry to bother everyone


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Ryan Rittenhouse wrote:
> Hey all, I've been bumbling around in the source for roundcube most of 
> the day, tweaking bits of it to work with our crazy setup and people 
> here, but I haven't been able to find where the size of the preview 
> pane gets set. Back when it was patched in it was fairly easy to 
> locate but now I just seem to be wondering around in circles. Is 
> anyone able to tell me where I can change it at? Ideally to make it 
> user configurable but either way I'd like to know :p.
> -Ryan

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