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Benjamin Smith defitro at gmail.com
Thu Dec 14 19:21:23 CET 2006

First off, as a user, I like the idea of the spam *not* being in my inbox
when I log in.  If it's marked as such by spamassassin, then I don't care to
see it.  Get it away from my legit mail and let me sort through it in my
Junk folder, where it belongs.

Secondly, I actually have integration of spamassassin for SQL and non-SQL
userpref's installs into roundcube.  The non-SQL userprefs set-up uses a
combination of setuid C & Perl code that handled the userprefs file on the
OS (tried to secure it as much as possible).  I also integrated a new tab on
the user settings page that looks like the attached screen shot.  If people
are interested enough, I could lift that code and port it to the most recent
stable for public consumption, minus the non-SQL userprefs set-up...  I also
have two folders that get created on first login called Whitelist and
Blacklist.  If messages are moved to those folders, the appropriate action
is taken (added to whitelist or blacklist, respectively).  Whitelist
actually performs two actions with this set-up; whitelists the sender and
runs the message through sa-learn.  I had it set-up like this because I used
roundcube for a "Spam Quarantine" type set-up.


FWIW on the sa-learn thoughts, you could write a cron job that scans the
user's Junk folder nightly and run those messages through sa-learn.

~ Ben

On 12/14/06, Tomasz Pajor <t.pajor at aisak.pl> wrote:
> I personally think, that it would be a good idea to move spam on login to
> spam folder.
> As it goes for all other things that you mensioned, I agree.
> --
> Best regards
> Tomasz Pajor
> On Thu, 14 Dec 2006 15:30:59 +0000, roundcube-dev at alldesign.de wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > first i'm new one here. good project. i decided to work a little bit
> for.
> >
> > What's your opinion what RoundCube could / should do with Spam. I found
> a
> > ticket for that and i decided to solve this.
> > The Question is, what does RoundCube should do. I think to move / show
> > SPAM-Flag: yes Messages move to the Junk directly is not the best think
> > and not the job from Roundcube.
> >
> > So i add some things to my feature list.
> >
> > - Color the Messages (brown) in Inbox if the are spam. Over Spamassassin
> > Junk Stars, but other milter are also possible.
> > - Add a button to move it to junk folder.
> > - On Moving to junk folder it possible to run sa-learn with user
> settings
> > for bayes.
> > - Is also possible to set up this work automaticly (move spam to
> > junkfolder on login), but only with imap.
> > - Set up Spamassassin user Setting via file oder mysql databases
> (supports
> > also confixx)
> >
> > I try also to programm a filter thats identify also Newsletter or other
> > Messagetypes and color it (grey)
> >
> > Many thanks to guzu, he's on the right way.
> >
> > I'm afraid to here more opinion and wishes for that.
> >
> >
> > Thanks

"A conclusion is simply the place where someone got tired of thinking."
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