Resizable preview pane!

Ryan Rittenhouse ryanmr at
Sat Dec 16 15:06:34 CET 2006

Or maybe not... it works on our test box but not on anything else... 
guess he forgot something in the diff. I'll repost when I'm sure it 
working and stop wasting everyone's time.


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Ryan Rittenhouse wrote:
> A friend of mine who does development for the Caravel CMS got 
> interested in roundcube yesterday when I was showing him the latest 
> svn. Since I can't program my way out of a soggy paper bag with 
> javascript I asked if he'd take a shot at making the preview pane 
> resize able. A few hour later he threw me this diff that I've just 
> installed and tested. Nifty stuff. I'm working on saving the size of 
> the pane in user preferences but I wanted to get his unmodified code 
> out here for anyone else to use/see. So here's the code to resize the 
> preview pane courtesy of David Glick from the Caravel CMS crew.
> -Ryan
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> Network Administrator
> Goshen College
> (574) 535-7004

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