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Shane Saunders shane at
Tue Dec 19 13:03:11 CET 2006

Hi Martin and a Happy Xmas Roundcube Dev.

Reply from shane(

Just to let you know as much as i would like to say that this was a 
finished patch for Roundcube mail it really does have alot of bugs.
I only got a couple of responses from people interested , that was a far 
as it went. It may be right out of date with the build as it stands as 
well being a couple of months back now when i was working on it.

The javascript needs to be really addressed as i came up with a lot of 
concerns when developing this. This i wrote this all in a "Todo" list 
thou it may not have made too much sense as i was rushing out of 
Thailand.  My main concern was that the javascript needs a complete 
rewrite - "OOP"  to enable the same functions that the mail section uses 
to be reused by other sections or plug-ins. And if possible run through 
a compressor for obvious reasons,maybe a compressor such as that used by 
moo.fx, even using the packages from moo.fx might be a nice way to go 
adding in our own event class for selection and such, they have some 
really good Dom and Ajax additions as well as growing documentation 
which would work in favour with plug-in development as developers could 
use this as a resource and base to work off.
Just some thoughts.

I'm back in Europe in a few weeks as am currently dodging the Kazakhstan 
police trying to extract bribes from this curly haired foreigner, I'm on 
count 16 with no payouts so feel quite proud, so if anyone is really 
interested in this i would be happy to develop it further or help on 
what i was working towards, if there is anyone else happy to take it on 
as a base to start from.


Martin Schwartz wrote:
> Hi guys,
> are there any news about the integration or non integration of shane
> ('s address group enhancement? Like some general concerns
> or cheers?
> I haven't heard anything about it since he sent his departure message in
> October. And I asked merry Santa for it for christmas :)
> Cheers
> Martin

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