Colin Alston karnaugh at
Wed Dec 20 12:43:33 CET 2006

andy wrote:
>> This has been discussed ad nauseam in the past.  RC is not an
>> administrative tool, it's a webmail interface.  What makes it
>> wonderful is its simplicity.
> ok, right - its an administrative job, but very closely liked to the
> mail account and i dont want to install an extra tool just so that the
> user can change his/her password, im just asking if this could be a
> hidden feature 

What then for PAM users, LDAP users, people connecting to exchange etc 
etc etc.

The problem is that none of the authentication methods are standard - 
this is a good thing.

The problem is that it's difficult to add the password change feature 
to RC at the moment yourself. Not as difficult as say in Horde, but it 
requires programming knowledge to do it right usually. I wrote one 
myself for RoundCube and PostfixAdmin quite a while back, I don't 
remember if anyone is using that code, but it was messy to attach it 
to the settings page and the first thing i noted was that upgrading RC 
in future would be a pain.

The solution really is to have a plug-in framework, if even only for 
this feature so that people can slot one in for their setup if they 
want to. Is there any planning for this? It seems trivial to, for 
example, have an include array which just slots in tabs for the 

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