Webmail competition

Doug Mandell dmandell at gristle.org
Thu Dec 21 21:22:09 CET 2006

> For an interactive real-time group discussion I strongly suggest Skype as
> it runs on Windows, MacOS X and Linux and is completely free.  It also has
> some useful functions, especially with Unyte (also free) for screen
> sharing.  You can really help someone out when you can see their screen as
> you talk with them.  Unyte works as a Java applet in the web browser so
> that is also cross-platform.

I administer a Jabber server, if you like I could host a Jabber conference room for Roundcube developers.  A friend of mine has written a jabber to IRC gateway, which means participants could use either Jabber or IRC and talk to each other.  

Just throwing that out there,


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