Jim Pingle lists at
Sat Dec 23 22:13:14 CET 2006

Eric Stadtherr wrote:
> In light of the recent discussions, I've been browsing through the Trac
> tickets trying to get a feel for the distribution of bugs (display,
> database, IMAP interface, etc.). There appear to be quite a few tickets
> that follow the pattern of "RoundCube exhibits incorrect behavior when
> displaying an e-mail with <some special characteristics>." These special
> cases range from message header contents to HTML contents to attachment
> formats.

I noticed that as well, an a lot of them are very close in description to
the point where they could easily be the same issue, or completely different
but unless people post sample messages, there is no easy way to be sure.

> Instead of trying to fabricate my own e-mail messages that match these
> special cases (and possible get it wrong), what does everyone think
> about standing up a "test case" e-mail account on an IMAP server
> somewhere that people can send these "special case" messages to? The RC
> development team could then each access this IMAP server from their own
> RC installations to troubleshoot the handling of the messages.

Elsewhere in this thread I had mentioned coming up with a lot of sample
messages in many varying formats. When you take all of the different formats
and different clients and think about how many variations there are, the
amount of test messages could easily be very large! It would really be nice
if every client supported "standards" in the same way. :) See my recent
ticket about HTML attachments (#1484178), three different clients I tried
formatted the same message three different ways and only one is parsed as
expected. Plus I'm sure there are client options that change how some behave
in each of these cases as well (inline vs attached files, MIME vs plain
text, etc, etc...)

> We'd have to keep the login credentials relatively secure, and somebody
> would have to volunteer an IMAP server.
> What does everyone think?

Sounds like a good idea to me. Should there also perhaps be a web form
somewhere that would inject messages into the mailbox of said account? It
might help people who have trouble forwarding messages as attachments. That
could be a security nightmare though.

Alternately, ticket #1484157 could be implemented to have the ability to
forward messages as attachments directly from RoundCube. It might also be
nice to have an option that would detect whether or not a message is an
attached e-mail, and optionally detach it from the e-mail and place it in
the current mailbox. In Thunderbird, this is possible with the "Thunderbird
Attachment Tools" extension. ( but
their site is down at the moment.) It can pull an rfc822 message out of an
e-mail and into the current folder. Even if you can't do this in RoundCube
that extension could still come in handy for tasks like this.


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