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Richard Sandberg richs at whidbey.net
Tue Dec 26 23:28:42 CET 2006

On Dec 21, 2006, at 3:01 PM, Steve Block wrote:

> On Thu, December 21, 2006 4:37 pm, Black.myst said:
>> Steve Block a écrit :
>>> On Thu, Dec 21, 2006 at 10:29:51AM -0800, Richard Sandberg wrote:
>>>> This suggests the IMAP server software doesn't support UID's in the
>>>> way Roundcube expects, which is required to identify old  
>>>> drafts.  If
>>>> you post your server software and version, someone might have a  
>>>> work
>>>> around.
>>>> Rich
>>>> On Dec 18, 2006, at 3:58 PM, Steve Block wrote:
>>>>> Although I don't use roundcube as my primary mail client, I do  
>>>>> tend
>>>>> to use it at the office, which firewalls regular IMAP ports. One
>>>>> thing I noticed today while composing a message was that I  
>>>>> ended up
>>>>> with multiple copies of said message in the drafts folder. The
>>>>> message took a while to put together, and I appreciate the   
>>>>> automatic
>>>>> draft saving, but I also feel like subsequent saves  should  
>>>>> replace
>>>>> the current, rather than add to it. If not, then all  of the  
>>>>> copies
>>>>> should be removed when the final message is sent.
>>>>> Not sure if this is a bug or a 'feature', but I thought i should
>>>>> point it out.
>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Steve Block
>>> I'm running cyrus imapd 2.2.13, which as far as I know is a fairly
>>> standard server.
>> I have the same problem with courier-imap 3.0.8, and I have an  
>> error in
>> log :
>> [timestamp] IMAP Error: Could not delete message from drafts in
>> /pathtoroundcube/program/steps/mail/sendmail.inc on line 0
>> Are you the same in your log ?
>> In all case, it's not a feature, it's a bug... There are already  
>> one for
>> "delete draft after send"
>> (http://trac.roundcube.net/trac.cgi/ticket/1483991) but not for
>> multi-saved draft.
>> Black Myst
> I just checked and I do have that error. Unfortunately that does  
> not tell
> me much about what is actually happening.
> -- 
> Steve

Can you make sure that your saved drafts have a valid "Message-ID"  
header inside them? If they do, try logging into your IMAP server  
manually to search and delete:

Connect to IMAP from a terminal:
	openssl s_client -connect imapserver:993
	telnet imapserver 143

	I LOGIN username password

Open "Drafts":
	sel1 SELECT "Drafts"

Search for a known Message-ID. Replace ## with the number characters  
in the Message-ID, e.g. 44:
	srch1 SEARCH HEADER Message-ID {##}

The response should be "* SEARCH #" where # is the message number.   
If you receive just "* SEARCH" with no number, your server isn't  
searching properly, you entered a non-existent Message-ID, or your  
character count was off.

Next get the UID of the message, using the # returned by SEARCH:

You should get a response of "* # FETCH (UID ##)" where ## is the UID.

Now try a reverse search, using the UID:
	srch1 SEARCH UID ##

That should return the original message number from the SEARCH  
HEADER.  Now delete it:
	flg STORE # +FLAGS (\Deleted)

And logout:

This is the procedure RoundCube uses and works on Dovecot-1.0rc2.


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