Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Wed Dec 27 11:46:03 CET 2006

2006/12/23, Brennan Stehling <brennan at>:
> But we need a way to preserve most of the original headers so that attachments will still work when resending the message to the different address for testing.  Once we do have a way to resend messages we can set up this sequence...

I've wrote a little command line script that allows me to import a
message out of a text file into an IMAP account using the core
functions of RoundCube. This works well for copying test messages to
the IMAP server. I'll add it to the trunk soon.
> 1) User finds problematic message
> 2) User copies source of message
> 3) User pastes message into web form to collection test messages (perhaps at
> 4) Tester views incoming test messages (each submission is assigned a number)
> 5) Tester requests a message to be sent to a test email address (perhaps at
> 6) Tester views the same message with same RC version to view same problem
> 7) Tester reviews the message to write up bug report (perhaps combining with existing bug report)

I like this suggestion. Having a webform or an anonymoous FTP account
to drop test messages in is probably better than creating an IMAP
account where people can send their messages to because the headers
will not be altered.
> Naturally the user should be warned to remove personal information in the email they do not want the testers to see.  When they paste the message into the submission form they could delete out parts of the body possibly.
> Finally, I would set up a limited group of test/developer accounts so that the message request form will not allow sending those messages arbitrary addresses for obvious privacy concerns.
> If anyone has an idea on how to add these collected message back to the mail spool I would like to know how that can be done.

My shellscript could do the job.

I could set up that web form and let the webserver create a text file
of each submitted message. These messages can be accessed over a FTP
account where developers and testers have access to.

Thanks for bringing this up!


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