Umlauts / Do we need Swiss German?

Thomas Bruederli roundcube at
Thu Dec 28 09:53:23 CET 2006

Michael Bueker wrote:
>> I'm Swiss and it's my personal wish to have a Swiss German
>> translation. Don't worry, I'll maintain these files myself and nobody
>> else will have any extra work with them. And what are the
>> "inconsistencies" you're talking about?
> Roundcube is your baby, so do as you please here :)
> I was looking at both tranaltions in and I saw that de_CH is missing 'deletemessagesconfirm' and that some translations are different although they don't really need be IMHO, like 'loading' is "Daten werden geladen..." in de_DE and "Lade..." in de_CH.

Well, I usually update the de_CH translation as I introduce new labels
but I haven't checked it with the translator yet. I will complete it
once a new release is near.
Swiss people write in "high" German but this doesn't mean that Germans
would write it the same or even understand what the Swiss want to say.
There's a dictionary available translating Swiss-high-German to real
German and vice versa. This means that there are some differences
between those two translations.
> Which reminds me of another issue: Language hacks such as "Select message(s)" for both singular and plural forms don't work in most languages. I think having separate labels such as 'deletemessage' and 'deletemessages' is not an elegant solution, but maybe we could make the labels part of a two-element array, selecting element 1 for 1 item and element 2 for more than one item.

You're absolutely right. I also had something with an indexed array in
mind: 0 => "no items", 1 => "one item", 2 => "many items". Should not be
too complicated to implement. The rcube_label() function takes an array
as argument and here we could easily add a 'number' parameter.


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