3 new feature ideas.

Matt Kaatman roundcube-dev at matt.kaatman.com
Fri Dec 29 21:31:38 CET 2006

Item #3 sounds like a great idea! Not that the other ones aren't, just that 3 really sticks out to me.

On Fri, 29 Dec 2006 14:09:37 -0600, Michael Phillips <mphill at mphill.org> wrote:
> I would like to add some functionality to roundcube.
> 1. The ability to check box to automatically sign in next time  or to
> just save the login.  The information would be stored in a cookie that
> expired in like 30 years,  if people on the development team think its
> ok to store the password it would be done in a hash obviously but
> everyone's imap/pop client would have to support the hash then.
> 2. For visually impaired people, have a selector for font size that
> simply changes the css or a high contrast theme.  I think it would also
> be neat to use flite (http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/flite/doc/index.html)
> for text to speech.  There would be a link that could be enabled which
> when clicked would let them save the message as a wav file, then play it
> back in audio form.  I already do this for captchas on my websites. I'm
> sure most visually impaired people already have software on their
> computer do this, but they are probably all windows people.  this could
> allow visually impaired people in linux or other less supported OSs to
> get an audio version of their email.   Some web applications sport a
> logo indicating compliance with http://www.section508.gov/.
> 3. GnUPG support, I would like to add the ability sign or encrypt
> messages.  A user could paste their private key into a form that then
> saved it on the server in sql.  There is probably a huge security issue
> with saving private keys on a server.  I don't know of a php API, I
> would most likely use exec();
> Please email me any comments, questions or concerns.
> Michael Phillips

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