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Pablo Manuel Rizzo info at
Sat Dec 30 02:53:50 CET 2006

On 12/29/06, Sam Nilsson <lists at> wrote:
> A lack of commitment from the roundcube devs on this feature should not
> stop Free Software either! If you were to build and offer a nicely
> integrated gmail-like threading feature for roundcube as free software,
> I would support adding it to the project and probably others would as
> well. I like how roundcube is simple, but gmail-style threading is a
> very unique and well liked feature AFAIK.

Yes, you're right, but it should be easiest if roundcube devs would
have that feature in their to-do list. I have really few time, I'm
member of the UTUTO XS GNU+Linux core team and devel team and we have
a lot of work with the distro.

> Unless roundcube has patent lawyers that they can consult in the states,
> there isn't much that a small development group can do about potential
> patents. Someone could ask google if they hold any related patents I
> suppose, but volunteer geeks can't very well screen their work for
> patent violations because there are too many patents that would need to
> be examined. It just doesn't seem practical to me. For all I know
> roundcube could be "violating" any number of patents as we speak.
> Anyone agree? Disagree?

I agree :-)

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