Gmail-like conversation grouping

Randy Noval randy at
Fri Dec 29 22:32:35 CET 2006

Steve Block wrote:
>> That's ridiculous. A patent on that! Makes no sense. And why should I
>> care? I would implement thousands of webmails with that
>> functionallity, and that's it, they couldn't fight against that.
>> Duroty already have this functionallity, they say Duroty is the
>> OpenSource Gmail, and they even have a Google-group.
>> No, I don't care patents, I make the software Free.
> I haven't looked to see if there is a patent, but your blustering is not 
> really useful if there is. And a patent on that idea would make sense. 
> Before GMail I had never seen conversation threading in that form. It 
> probably meets all of the patent requirements.
> That said, it would be a nice feature. But like with any other project
> it pays to be careful.

well, google, as purveyor of all this is known, may give us the 
opportunity to find out with their new patent searching model. first 
hit? microsoft...

i think it would be a nice option, but should go on the wishlist rather 
than the core development list. it seems that it's secondary to a lot of 
the other core functionalities that need to be cleaned up and finished.

IMHO of course.  ;-)


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