imap functions

CHATEAU Mathieu mathieu.chateau at
Sun Feb 5 18:43:25 CET 2006


I'am a french developer.
I realy like RounCube but it doesn't support POP !
I don't understant why you don't use the imap function of php (as imap_open() ...) 
I work to change it, it's hard because i start with php (since 1 year) !
I whant to do whith round cube as outlookExpress :
A mail reader of all email acount in the same time with the folder list !

do you work do do somting else ?
if you whant i can send you my work but i think it will not ne interesting for you because it isn't your goal ans it's dirty.

please excuse my engligh !!


PS: Mail sent with RoundCube ;)

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