Reply-To (Was: roundcube mangles threading headers)

B. Johannessen bob at
Tue Feb 7 00:59:53 CET 2006

sofar wrote:
> The mailinglist administrator has set the list to _NOT_ set the reply-to
> header to the list address itself.

Actually the list administrator has set the list to respect the authors 
wishes as to where replies should be directed. Not only that, he has 
arranged it so that when the author does not express a preference, the 
individual subscribers have the option of having a Reply-To: header 
field added.

> I run about 20 mailinglists in total and all of them are set to set the
> \'reply-to\' header to the list address. 

As a mailing list administrator I would have hoped that you actually 
took the time to read the list welcome message. Quoting:

* To change your subscription preferences: Send a message with 'options'
in both subject and body to: dev+options at and follow
the link in the reply message. Available subscription options are:

- Set Reply-To: This will add a Reply-To: header field to the messages
you receive from the list, directing replies back to the list instead of
the message originator. Messages with a Reply-To: header field already
present will not have it replaced.

- Tag Subject: Add a [RoundCube Dev] tag to all Subject: header fields.
Some people find this useful to (automatically of visually) sort mailing
list messages.

- Suspend Mailing: Stop sending list messages to this address. Use this
if you want to temporarily halt your subscription (like when going on
holiday) or if you want to be able to post from several addresses
without having list messages sent to all of them.

	Bob (list administrator)

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