Non-monospaced fonts in compose textarea

sofar sofar at
Sun Feb 12 07:00:44 CET 2006


I have previously reported that I couldn't get the compose window to show a
monospace font. Things get weirder though:

1) the main.css correctly sets 'font-family: monospace' for the textarea

2) firefox 1.5 refuses to display the 'user-chosen' monospace font when I turn
*off* the option that allows webpages to use other fonts

3) when I turn that option on, the monospaced font appears correctly (however
now all other webpages look like crap - I loathe Arial as default font).

Just so I get this straight - this is a known firefox bug right? I get this
behaviour on both Linux and Windows.


PS: if you ask me - *please* replace all occurences of font-family: Courier new, 
courier, etc etc. by _just_ "monospace". This gives users the choice to pick
their favorite fonts easier. Courier just is soo puke ugly ;^))

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