postgres on recent cvs tarball

Andy Burns andy.burns at
Sun Feb 12 19:43:25 CET 2006


managed to get roundcube working with postgres from the first cvs 
snapshot last year (took some minor tweaks), noticed a new snapshot so 
thought I'd check it out again.

I cleaned out all tables/sequences from my old database.

There is one typo in the postgres_initial.sql file
on the messages table the session_id should refer to foreign key 
"sess_id" in the sessions table, not to "session_id" which doesn't exist.

With that done, and changes made to config/ and 

I can log in to roundcube ok, but when is populating the 
messages table I get lots of errors like

DB Error: unknown error Query: INSERT INTO messages (user_id, del, 
cache_key, created, idx, uid, subject, "from", "to", cc, date, size, 
headers) VALUES ('1', 0, 'INBOX.msg', now(), '787', '33125', 
'[LinuxFailSafe] Re: LinuxFailSafe Digest, Vol 3, Issue 1', 'David 
Brower ', 'linuxfailsafe at', FALSE, '2006-02-10 
19:48:40', 5381, 
Re: LinuxFailSafe Digest, Vol 3, Issue 1";s:4:"from";s:38:"Da

I've looked at where this query is built up, is it possible that the
substr($this->decode_header((string)$headers->cc, TRUE), 0, 128)
is returning "FALSE" instead of an empty string when cc: from header is 
blank? see the FALSE between the "" and the date?

I also tried usign MDB2 instead of DB2 but got errors about prepare() 
function not existing, I tried to revert it to just use execute() 
instead of prepare+execute but didn't help.

I know this is still pre-beta, but I thought postgres support was 
supposed to actually work now?

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