Few bugs...

Hegedüs Ervin airween at damson.hu
Tue Feb 14 23:05:26 CET 2006


there is a RounCube, downloaded from CVS at 27th of january.

we use hungarian localization, with hungarian characters.

- if user make a folder with special chars, RC doesn't show it,
just its numeric entity
- if folder contains special char, but created earlier by
another MUA, RC replaces by another non-special char.
eg: original name was "Ősz" (it means "autumn"), RC shows it
like this: "Psz"
- if user wants to select all mails with "all" link, bottom
of page, browser drops a JS error:
'this.select is not a function', source: ROOT/programs/js/app.js,
line 1303.

Here is the context of error:

1301    for (var n in this.list_rows)
1302      if (!filter || this.list_rows[n][filter]==true)
1303      this.select(n, true);
1304    };

thank you:


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