Deleting files without Trash folder

Dean Jones deanj at
Thu Feb 16 16:39:07 CET 2006

Maybe I misread what you said before then. 

So, will there be a default behavior for this if the person didn't configure the client with a trash folder?  

On Thu, 16 Feb 2006 09:02:28 +0100, Thomas Bruederli <roundcube at> wrote:
> Dean Jones wrote:
>> These are my points exactly.
>> What is the problem with automatic deletion (delete then expunge) if
> they don't have a trash folder?  Maybe they don't have a trash folder on
> purpose?  Maybe they want automatic deletion?  Who knows... I think it's
> safer to leave out automatic creation of any folder.  Thunderbird does in
> fact do this but I think it's incorrect.  Doesn't anyone read or pay
> attention to the Unix philosophy anymore?!  :)
> As I mentioned before, this should be up to the admin who sets up
> RoundCube. If the server/webmail admin decides to use a folders named
> "Trash" then the webmail should do exactly what it is told to do.
> There's a little difference between common mail clients that every user
> sets up on his home computer and a central webmail service. If you're
> working in a bug company the mail client is set up and configured by the
> sysadmin and you usually have to accept the configuration of your
> environment and most people (users) don't care about it.
> Hotmail, GMX and Yahoo mail act the same way. I agree that having 5
> different trash folders is not nice and that's the reason why the name
> of the Trash can be configured and it will appear in the selected
> localization without creating a folder named "Muelleimer" on the server.
> Regards,
> Thomas
>> On Wed, 15 Feb 2006 17:55:00 +0100, Thomas -Balu- Walter
> <list+roundcube-dev at> wrote:
>>> On Wed, Feb 15, 2006 at 08:46:45AM +0100, Thomas Bruederli wrote:
>>>> After following this thread a while, here are my 2 cents about this:
>>>> I admit that the current behavior is not right because deleting can
>>>> fail. The patch submitted by Jacob would solve this and that's what
>>>> should happen. Choice is good, I agree, but I'm not sure how many of
> the
>>>> "dummy" users have ever seen the settings for deleting messages in
> their
>>>> mail client. The number of configuration parameters an end-user has to
>>>> deal with should be kept low.
>>> A customer just had a problem last week when he was not able to delete
>>> mails too. In his case there was a Trash folder, but he was not
>>> subscribed to it.
>>> I am not sure if I like an automatic creation of the "Trash" folder.
>>> At least my dad does not know what "Trash" is anyway - he'd want to
> have
>>> "Muelleimer" perhaps.  And while talking about the languages... I've
>>> seen people with 4 or more "Trash" folders, because different clients
>>> used different naming themes.
>>> So having another one added automatically because it's not there is not
>>> what I'd like. Please allow people to choose one or allow immediate
>>> deletion...
>>>      Balu

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