Character encoding

YAO Yong yyao at
Mon Feb 27 09:44:44 CET 2006

Leonard Bouchet wrote:

> On 27 févr. 06, at 09:20, YAO Yong wrote:
>> when i changed 0.1beta code with ur patch, it seems that i cannot get
>> inbox list from 'Sent' to 'Inbox'.
>> anybody knows something about it?
> Did you fully reload the page (empty the cache, relaunch the browser,
> etc.)?
>> i'm using encoding 'GB2312'. UTF-8 cannot run smoothly between one
>> operation-window and another(such as Inbox List, read content, etc).
> Are u sure of that? I'm quite confident that utf-8 can display any
> sort of character in any situation, but I could be wrong...
> Regards,
> -l
yep, i've changed my encoding from 'GB2312' to 'UTF-8' & using the
following method from u:

1. add in

$rcmail_config['charset'] = 'utf-8';

(it will ensure that the correct meta is added)

2. replace the lines 119-120 in program/include/ with

if (!empty($this->charset)) {
header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=$this->charset");
$__page_header = '<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html;
charset='.$this->charset.'" />'."\n";;

it seems rc works correctly now.
let me check it with more operations........


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