RSS Support for RoundCube

Sjon at
Sun Jan 8 20:10:59 CET 2006

After some hours I have completed a initial RSS feed-creator for 
Roundcube. It is a simple addon which gives you a RSS feed of your 
inbox. Current problems:

* Mime-mail gave me a headache so I decided to skip that for now; 
resulting in strange HTML messages

* RoundCube uses a double sessionID, the reason of which I still haven't 
found; but it results in being logged out if you request the RSS feed 
from another IP then where you started the session on.

* The roundcube mail-cache is not being used; resulting in possible slow 

To try it:

* download to 
your roundcubemail/program/steps/mail/ directory

* add the following line to index.php:258 (just before the comment "kill 
compose entry from session")
   if ($_action=='rss') include('program/steps/mail/');

That should do the trick; you can now browse to the following URL


Comments welcome :)


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