public ldap search features implemented

justin randell justin at
Mon Jan 9 00:45:07 CET 2006

hi pieter,

thanks for the feedback :-)

> I've found one bug! When there is only one server, the server-dropdown 
> list is not displayed. This is fine. But, the javascript filling the 
> searchfield requires this dropdownlist! So, when there is only one 
> server, the searchfields are not filled and the searchfunction does 
> not work!!

good catch - fix committed to cvs.

> Another thing that confused me, was the $rcmail_config['ldap_public'] 
> config. The default value is false. But I wanted to enable it, so I 
> set it to true. But this doesn't work. It appears that you can set it 
> to false for disabling it, OR specify servers to enable it. I know 
> this is just the way PHP works, but it did confuse me... Maybe a 
> better way, to solve this, is not specify the 
> $rcmail_config['ldap_public'] = false; option in the default config, 
> and that this option is disabled because there aro no servers defined.

or just add a note explaining that in the config file? i don't mind 
either way.

what do others think?

> Few suggestions:
> * Could the interface be more integrated with the 
> addressbookinterface? (Listing the results on the left)

there's a good chance that most of the results returned from a search of 
a large public ldap server wont be of any interest (eg - typing 'justin' 
to get my details from our public ldap server returns 11 results, only 
one of which is me), so automatically adding all results to the list on 
the left is probably not going to be that useful. i think its better to 
make it easy to act on the returned results (add to private addressbook 
or compose mail to) rather than just add them to the list on the left.

its likely that i'm just missing a better way to do it, so i'd be happy 
if someone could suggest how to get around problems like the one above.

> * Could there be a "List all" option?

if the ldap server you are hitting will give you a list of all contacts. 
this will not be possible for all servers though, and could return very 
large results, so we would need to page them.

do other people want this as well?

> * I do no realy like the Searchfield dropdown. Could there be an 
> option so that automaticly all fields are searched?

yep, we could even have it so that this is configurable by admins - they 
can have a choice, or they can set it to automatically search all 
fields. i'm prepared to implement that if people think it would be useful.

what do others think?

> * The searchfields could use aliasses...

could you give me more detail on this point?

> * Optional integration with the Autocompletion feature would be great!

this is a tricky one, because the autocomplete works on a javascript 
array, not by sending keystrokes over the network. i think that the 
autocomplete would be too slow (even on a quick setup) if it wasn't 
operating on an in-memory array.

as soon as any returned results are added to the private addressbook, 
they are available in the autocomplete for composing mail.

one thing that occurred to me: maybe we should make an autocomplete for 
the private addressbook available in the contacts page. what do other 
people think?

again, thanks for the feedback.

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