gmail type features for rcube

Justin Randell justin at
Sun Jan 15 08:25:32 CET 2006

hi all,

i've been thinking about trying to eliminate some of the page reloads in 
rcube, to make it behave more like gmail.

i'd like it if rcube behaved more like gmail when moving between the 
mailbox view, read message view and compose message view. that is, 
moving between these views without a page load, instead using ajax and 
DOM manipulation. these are the most common operations, and if we could 
streamline them, then rcube will really move up a notch in speed and 
ease of use.

this really struck me over the holidays, when i used rcube and gmail 
side by side on a dial up connection - gmail is *much* quicker when 
doing the common mail operations. the biggest place that this will be 
noticed is after viewing/composing/replying to a message from a given 
mbox. going back to the mbox view can be almost instantaneous (as with 
gmail) provided we keep the mbox view cached in the DOM tree.

implementing this will require a lot of thought and quite a few changes 
to the core rcube code, but i feel it is a worth it.

before beginning a discussion about the details of this, what do other 
people think? does anyone else think this is would be worthwhile?


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