5 features worth implementing?

Sjon roundcube.net at spider007.net
Tue Jan 17 13:51:58 CET 2006

After loosing an important mail composed under Roundcube (just pushed the send-button, 'something' went wrong and the email was lost forever) I have thought of ideas to avoid this. I think the following might be feasible: currently mails are send in the background; a failure means the message disappears. Might it be an idea not to use an AJAX backgrounded thread for sending the email, but staying on the foreground; only to return to the inbox once the message has succesfully been send?

Some other stuff I thought of:

* move the current overflow-scrollbar style from the table to the tbody. This would leave the thead always visible, while currently it will disappear when scrolling
* make the attachment-icon (singleclick) in the messagelisting jump directly to the message-attachment. Currently it is just an icon without any link
* a javascript prompt before any actual delete action, for example in the addressbook page
* could we merge the _auth (GET) and sessid (COOKIE) into 1 sessionID?

Comments welcome :)


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