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Martin Marques martin at
Tue Jul 4 14:43:13 CEST 2006

On Tue, 4 Jul 2006 14:01:20 +0200, Erik <erik at> wrote:
> Ticket #1483843 requests for a mass mark as read option. I would like to
> see this extended to mass flag/move option. It would be nice to select
> multiple mails and then move those to specific folder, as is possible with
> GMail and IlohaMail. For an individual mail this is already possible.

This is already a feature in RC. Select multiple mails and drog and drop on the folder you want them to go.

> I can add this to the existing ticket or create a new one, but I'm
> wondering what the best way for feature requests is. I see things asked
> for on the mailing list being implemented right away while some tickets
> are entered a long time ago. In a few weeks, I probably (hopely) have some
> more spare time left, which I want to spent on the RC when required. I
> would like to dig through the list of open tickets and see of some of them
> have been solved in the meantime. But maybe it is better to do this when a
> second beta is to be released. Is a date for a new beta release already
> planned? It would be nice for those users who don't use SVN to benefit
> from all the great improvements made over the passed few months.

You are totally right on this. I guess there isn't the enough interest in seeing the tickets as the come in. I'm really not sure if they have already been asighned to someone or not. Maybe the developers should get a quick notification of the tickets that get in the trac system, maybe they already do... I don't know.

Any way, I was going to send a mail in respect of this subject, basically asking if there is any intention of freezing the development at some time soon and getting all the bugs fixed and release a more stable version. Any ideas on this?

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