New beta (was: Addition to Ticket #1483843)

Erik erik at
Tue Jul 4 15:55:40 CEST 2006

On Tue, 4 Jul 2006 10:34:15 -0300, Martin Marques <martin at> wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Jul 2006 15:29:41 +0200, Erik <erik at> wrote:
>> I think a start would be to collect all known bugs and feature requests
>> and
>> insert those into the ticket system properly. I've got the feeling this
> is
>> not yet the case and many things get discussed on mailing list only.
> These
>> than have to be prioritized and eventually assigned to a developer.
>> Deciding
>> on priority automatically boils down to the needed features for a
> release,
>> as
>> lower priotity means later release.
> Yes, you are right, but as someone pointed out earlier today, things get
> done faster when they are sent to the mailling list, contrary of just
> adding a ticket. I had 2 tickets with patches that fixed the problem, and
> one of them got commit (thanks rich on that) after I asked on this list
> why it wasn't commit yet. Other things get done fast from the tickets.

These are two different things:
1) report problem 
2) provide patch through mailing list and ask if it can be applied

And my opinion is that 2 cannot be done without 1, and then why not use
tickets, as that is want they are ment for. And I prefer tickets as this
provides some sort of documentation. Also to new users. For example,
feature request which have been added and discussed on mailing list
and then denied, don't get requested for a second time. These discussions 
and decisions then also have to be added to the wiki and documentation,
so that it is clear to everyone what is being done and when (or why not).

I realize that everyone involved has to agree on workflow, especially
developers and those started the project (as it is their project).

Tickets and wiki provide decent documentation for current developers and
users, but even more for new users and developers. Because I think a project
like this, with its growing popularity every day, can only get better and
really succeed when these things are also covered well.


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