Wrong sorting - please help me debug this

Jim Pingle lists at pingle.org
Fri Jul 21 23:49:46 CEST 2006

Michael Bueker wrote:
> Jim Pingle wrote:
>> Could it be your IMAP server returning them in this order? What IMAP
>> server
>> are you using?
> An experiment turned out the following:
> I entered the folder in question, deleted all the dovecot index files,
> opened the folder in thunderbird (new header download) and then in
> roundcube - the sorting was still wrong, but _different_.
> So those files probably do have to do with it.

Interesting. Unfortunately I'm not quire sure how this could be worked
around in RC, given that it relies on the server returning the right chunk
of messages in the right order... If I've read the code right, it asks the
server to give "messages 41 to 80 sorted by date" and the server only
returns that set of headers.

It's easy for Thunderbird or a traditional client to just download all the
headers and sort them itself, but in a webmail app that could mean a big cut
in speed, especially for large mailboxes.


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