Wrong sorting - please help me debug this

Michael Bueker m.bueker at berlin.de
Mon Jul 24 11:18:21 CEST 2006

On Fri, 21 Jul 2006 17:49:46 -0400, Jim Pingle <lists at pingle.org> wrote:

> Interesting. Unfortunately I'm not quire sure how this could be worked

> around in RC, given that it relies on the server returning the right chunk

> of messages in the right order... If I've read the code right, it asks the

> server to give "messages 41 to 80 sorted by date" and the server only

> returns that set of headers.


> It's easy for Thunderbird or a traditional client to just download all the

> headers and sort them itself, but in a webmail app that could mean a big

> cut in speed, especially for large mailboxes.

You're probably right, but I don't think blaming the IMAPd and looking away isn't the best thing to do. This wrong sorting is MOST annoying, and apparently happens with more than one IMAPd. Maybe someone should talk to the dovecot/Cyrus developers about their interface, but in the meantime, we should think about handling sorting ourselves.


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