Wrong sorting - please help me debug this

Jim Pingle lists at pingle.org
Mon Jul 24 16:11:30 CEST 2006

Michael Bueker wrote:
> You're probably right, but I don't think blaming the IMAPd and looking away isn't the best thing to do. This wrong sorting is MOST annoying, and apparently happens with more than one IMAPd. Maybe someone should talk to the dovecot/Cyrus developers about their interface, but in the meantime, we should think about handling sorting ourselves.

I totally agree, I just wasn't sure how easily it can be fixed.

Mark Edwards wrote:
> Incidentally, Squirrelmail doesn't have the problem.  Same server, same mailbox.  Squirrelmail has server-side sorting enabled.  Roundcube sorts all out of order, Squirrelmail gets it right.
> This is with Cyrus 2.2. 

I wonder how IlohaMail sorts in the same configuration, given that RC's IMAP
lib is based on that. Is anyone with this problem able to try it?

I suppose someone may have to tcpdump the interaction between the IMAP
server and both squirrelmail and roundcube to look for differences in the
requests. That, or dig through the IMAP library source code.

I have roundcube and squirrelmail on one of my servers, but it's running
Courier not Cyrus so I'm not sure how much help that would be.

In Squirrelmail's configuration you have to tell it what type of IMAP server
you're using, so they may have some workarounds for various IMAP
implementation differences. Unfortunately, doing some quick checks (grep -ri
cyrus *, etc) through my copy of squirrelmail's source doesn't turn up any
workarounds for sorting, just for folder management.


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