BincIMAP Search Patch

Jim Pingle lists at
Wed Jul 26 01:22:16 CEST 2006

Is there anyone else around that is currently using BincIMAP? I have a
BincIMAP server I'm forced to deal with in one setup, and the search feature
fails in the default configuration, because BincIMAP doesn't understand
UTF-8 and chokes when RoundCube sends the search query with UTF-8 specified
as the charset.

I have a patch that fixes this for me, but I'm sure it could use some more

The ticket for this is #1483855

The patch is on the ticket:

Basically, if the search fails the first time it retries the search without
a charset specified. Assuming I read the code right, this should only happen
with a server error, not just an empty message set. (Another pair of eyes
might help verify that...)


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