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WOODS John John.Woods at axa-im.com
Wed Jul 26 13:10:50 CEST 2006

So we need to create a new project called SquareSphere!!!

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WOODS John wrote:
> I am inclined to agree with Michael on this.
> The timing of this offer is very interesting. Roundcube is very close
> an excellent beta 2 and full release cannot be more than six months
> away.
> @mail is doing this on purely commercial grounds (nothing wrong with
> that) but it would be sad to see such a good Open Source project
> disappear as it surely would.
> However, I would like to understand what would happen to the source
> if Thomas should decide to sell. Who actually owns the code given that
> at least a dozen people have contributed?
> Is it the case that the code will remain open even after he sells it
> therefore couldn't anyone else start a new project from what exists
> already?

The existing GPL'd code remains under GPL - this cannot be removed, and
so a new Open Source project could be forked under a new name (assuming
the RoundCube name was part of the purchase).

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