Fwd: Roundcube merger - Ideas from atmail

Michael Bueker m.bueker at berlin.de
Wed Jul 26 17:22:45 CEST 2006

Jon Daley wrote:
>     Of course, if you say you aren't interested, then they just copy the 
> parts they want and change the variable names (maybe) and then you are 
> faced with the choice of trying to do some sort of legal action (in 
> Australia) against them.  Yeah the FSF might help, but still a huge pain 
> for you.

This should have no impact whatsoever on the decision about the takeover 
(or buyout, merger or whatchamacallit).

Frankly, even though the possibility exists, to me it sounds like FUD to 
bring this up. That situation might arise, but then it will have to be 
dealt with separately. And it is highly unlikely that this even happen, 
because as I understand the terms of atmail, the source code is shipped 
with the product. So if the offer is turned down and we have reasonto 
believe they're stealing code, the community could donate money to 
Thomas so he can buy atmail and we can check their code for our code.

On a side note, here's something more on how Calacode regards the OSS 
community and its software:

"[Atmail is] a well rounded Webmail package that goes the extra mile 
over the sea of free/half-finished and unsupported packages out there."


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