[patch] Junk mail highlight in message list (SpamAssassin specific)

Jon Daley roundcube at jon.limedaley.com
Thu Jul 27 14:13:18 CEST 2006

On Thu, 27 Jul 2006, Manu wrote:
> Here a very small patch for roundcube-cvs-20060413 (the one I run) and
> the revision-282.
> If a mail is marked as spam by SpamAssassin (X-Spam-Flag in headers) the
> message is hightlighted in light green in message list. This can be
> easily "disabled" by commentting the related section in the CSS.

 	Nice.  Has there been any more thought into how plugins would work 
in roundcube so we can use things like this, but people who don't want it 
don't have to have it?

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